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Home Insurance

An investment like a home isn't just a financial decision but an emotional one as well. When you decide what type of home insurance coverage to get, you need to take into account the diverse amount of threats that may affect you and the structure so you feel confident about the future.

Bates Insurance in Missouri is an excellent choice when it comes to defending your property and those within it. Snow, rain, wind and hail can cause damage to different parts of your home, but the weather is just one factor to consider. It only takes a small leak to cause mold infestations or major water damage in a basement. Savvy criminals may be able to penetrate the barriers you have up for them. Liability charges if a guest injures themselves in your home can total in the millions, so it's wise to get a policy that will cover you for the worst.

To understand the coverage that works best for you, you really need to talk to someone who has seen it all. The insurance industry is complicated because everyone has their own risk levels, depending on the area you live in and what your lifestyle is. Even the safest people need to think ahead when it comes to insurance, as there are events that can never be foreseen. The time to plan for them is now, not when you have to appeal your policy or beg a discount carrier to make an exception for you. Fighting for the safety of your home can start now when you carefully consider a policy before buying.

Talk to Bates Insurance for a quote and see how easy it can be to get the coverage you need. We'll take you through the common scenarios, as well as how you can best prepare for unusual events.

Missouri homes insurance agents at Bates Insurance can give you quotes and answer any questions about your insurance policy.

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