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Commercial Insurance

Owning a business means making a remarkable amount of decisions about how to conduct your affairs. To a certain extent, that just comes with the territory. However, it can also cause people to take shortcuts with at least a few of them. Deciding on a commercial insurance company isn’t something to take lightly though, especially considering this is your livelihood.

Your business opens you up to customers who can benefit from your specialty, which is a priceless feeling. It also gives you flexibility and freedom that comes from being able to forge your own path. However, it also means dealing with what is likely a foreign side of possibilities and regulations as well. The details of payment processing, security risks and a new tax code may initially confuse or intimidate you. Commercial insurance can help you navigate and protect yourself against a variety of concerns, but getting the wrong policy may make you vulnerable to unforeseen costs that can be the beginning of the end of your business.

Criminals, weather damage and even the clientele are just a few factors to worry about when it comes to defending your business. If a customer is injured in your business, do you know the proper steps to take so you don't have to assume the costs directly? Commercial insurance in Missouri works differently than homeowners insurance, and Bates Insurance can help you sort through the differences. Your specific rate will be based on a variety of conditions that will determine your particular risks. Regardless of the type of business you own, you can trust us to give you honest answers to both basic and specific questions you may have about your facilities. We encourage you to do your own research, so you can identify what's most important. Call us when you're ready for a quote!

The commercial insurance agents at Bates Insurance in Missouri can provide you with a quote and answer your questions today.

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