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Purchasing insurance provides protection for situations and events we cannot foresee, providing some peace of mind when it comes to financial matters at times when we are already stressed in other ways.

Some types of insurance coverage are required by law, such as health insurance and the mandatory liability insurance and uninsured motorist insurance required for Missouri vehicle owners and drivers. These types of auto insurance coverages provide financial protection in the event your vehicle is involved in an accident. Liability insurance covers property damage and injuries that result from an accident that is your fault, and uninsured motorist insurance provides protection in the event another driver without insurance causes an accident that results in injuries or property damage to you. For each type of insurance, state law specifies the minimum amount of coverage required. Because the amounts required under state law are minimum amounts, and do not provide for funds that may be needed to repair your vehicle after an accident, many people choose to add additional auto insurance coverages.

Similarly, if you have a mortgage on your home, your lender probably requires that you maintain a minimum amount of homeowner's insurance to cover your home and belongings from unpredictable losses such as burglary or vandalism, or damage caused by a fire or by severe weather. Homeowner's insurance can also protect you against lawsuits if someone is injured on your property, or if someone is injured by your pet. It is important to make sure you have enough coverage for your property and its contents.

For many people, purchasing life insurance coverage is also important to provide some financial stability for loved ones in the event of the policy owner's death. Business owners need to make sure they have adequate commercial insurance to protect their business interests from unanticipated losses.

There are as many different types of insurance coverages as there are reasons to purchase insurance. Whatever type of coverage you need, Bates Insurance can help you protect what's most important to you.